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How To Make Google Index Your New Website

  • SEO
  • November 24, 2021

Do you want to gain more organic search traffic on your website? Of course, your answer would be yes!

Organic search traffic is important to grow your website and business. But what if your site doesn’t appear in the search results at all. Make sure that your new site or blog is indexed by Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Some people simply choose the slow approach and wait for it to happen naturally, which can take weeks or months.

Switch2us as an SEO agency in India recommends investing more time and energy towards improving your conversion rate, developing your social presence, writing and promoting useful content. Also, get your sites indexed as soon as possible because it helps to build the audience from the initial stage.

Keep reading to know the step-by-step process to get your website indexed.

Keep reading to know the step-by-step process to get your website indexed.

Step 1: Is your Site Indexed?

Check this by searching your in Google. If Google bots have already crawled it, you’ll see your website page in the results.

Step 2: Set Up Google Analytics & Search Console

These are free Google tools you can use to monitor website performance. Google Analytics gives information about the website visitors, time spent, pages they looked at, geographic location, etc. Google Search Console helps to monitor when the site was last crawled, indexing errors, security issues, etc.

Step 3: Plan a Content Marketing Strategy

Have a content marketing strategy that is centered on search results. This should give you an idea about the content that can be produced based on key business and customer needs. Publish relevant, engaging, and helpful content and make sure it reaches your potential customers.

Social Media enables you to promote content with new people and attract them to your website, and most people are on social platforms.

Step 4: Begin Blogging

Blogs are beneficial for SEO. Blog posts get crawled and indexed more quickly than static pages.

Step 5: Use Internal Links on Your Website

Step 6: Promote content on Social Media

Social Media enables you to promote content with new people and attract them to your website, and most people are on social platforms. Sharing posts on social media has SEO benefits as it creates links back to the content.

Step 7: Attach a Sitemap Plugin to get Google to Index Your Site

Step 8: Include a Sitemap to Search Console

Step 9: Build Social Media Channels

Step 10: Apply robots.txt

Step 11: Index website on other Search Engines

Step 12: Share content on Aggregators

Step 13: Share the Website Link Everywhere, especially in your social media bio.

Step 14: Install an RSS Feed

Step 15: Submit Website to Directories

Step 16: Review for Google Crawl Errors Frequently

Step 17: Make sure to check what Pages are indexed

Step 18: Updating Old Content by adding new content and links to related posts

Why Do You Need Google to Index Your Site?

The answer is simple to be visible to the potential users searching for your products or services. You have to index the site more than once. Enable the search engines to keep re-indexing your site. New content can help in that.

Technology has evolved and so has the Google search engine. Google search results reward sites with an overall good user experience and the user intention behind the search. Other than Keywords a lot of other factors impact search engine rankings. That’s why website indexing is so valuable!

Why does Website Indexing Matter?

An efficient index rate for your website is viable for the search engine spiders to find your new content as soon as you hit publish. Set up Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools) to check how often bots are crawling your pages.

You can set up the Search Console in the following way-

In the Search Console, click on your website. Then click on Settings > Crawl Stats > Open Report.

Creating and maintaining a strong digital presence can become a puzzle if you don’t have professionals by your side. Switch2us SEO service in India can help you to build an effective SEO strategy and improve the website rankings. If you are looking to onboard an SEO partner, get in touch with us.

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