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Learn the 7 Stages of App Development in 2021

What is the app development process? We are here to answer this question for you. Keep reading to know each step if you are thinking to become an app owner in 2021 or the coming years-

Step 1- Choosing an android application development company in India.

Research and analyze before picking a company to help with your product. Platforms like, AppFutura, GoodFirms, ContractIQ can also help to shortlist companies that meet your requirements. Once you have an initial list, go through a screening process and ask for quotations.

It is worth asking questions about the services included in the quotation. Better to choose an android app development company from India based on the quality delivered rather than just lower prices. Once you have selected the company to work with and verified the Independent Contract Agreement, you are ready to move to the 2nd stage.

Step 2- Decide your target market and Product Goals.

Set up a meeting to brainstorm about your product. Define what you want to create, for whom and why. During this phase, every person working towards app development should have a clear vision. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the building feature of the application, test the ideas, and find the value delivered to the end-users.

Step 3- Determine the User Experience on the app.

Map out the user journey, wireframes, and the design (UI) in this stage. Your android app development company in India can create a User Journey Map. Determine the User Experience- how would the user navigate around in the app. The designers from the development company can help create the digital, simplified visual concepts of the future product.

The design should be interactive and engage the users. Therefore, work extensively on the visual language of your app, including style guide, User Interface, and motion design.

Step 4- Project kick-off before commencing the app development.

After you have decided on the company, it is time for the pre-kickoff. Get introduced to the software partner team, set in communication pathway, and exchange questionnaires to get acquainted with the project; schedule meetings and check-ins for the entire cycle.

During the kick-off meeting, discuss the rules and strategy moving forward, also explain the product vision. From here on, developers set up your project.

Step 5- Application development with quality assurance

At this stage, the development partner writes the code and creates the product. We at Switch2us, review the tasks from the Product Backlog (list of everything that should be there in the app), making sure our work reaches the acceptance standards and further evaluate them. After coding, we test the in-development version of the app with testers, clients, and other developers on the project.

Step 6- Publishing on Google Play Store and Apple Store

Once the app is ready, it is time to publish! Your development partners will assist you throughout the app set-up process.

Step 7- App Maintenance and future developments

Through app monitoring tools, your partners can detect crashes, see statistics, and plan to enhance the existing version. This post-production stage helps the app update according to user feedback, new market changes, and improve the user interface.

Are you searching for a dependable and dedicated team to collaborate on your next development project? You have come to the right place!

Switch2us is an android app development company in India that helps clients from different parts of the world and delivers the best results. We have worked with individuals and companies, and have acquired vast experience in mobile and web application development. Get in touch with us for your first consultation today!

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