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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

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  • November 24, 2021

Digital marketing enthusiasts should be aware of the changing trends to adapt and use the emerging technologies. This quick wit can help to develop business, produce leads, enhance customer relationships, and gain a lead over competitors.

Covid-19 has taken a toll on businesses all over the globe! Some industries seem to prosper and others have hit the ground. Though there are new marketing trends to know and try in 2021.

Here is Switch2us top 5 list of trends that could help you succeed at marketing this year.

Here is Switch2us top 5 list of trends that could help you succeed at marketing this year.

Video Marketing

Video grabs the audience’s attention quickly than the text! It is interactive, dynamic and allows the customer to know about your brand within minutes.

Apply video for your business in the following ways:

  • Make video stories of your written content as blogs with videos can perform better.
  • Shoot interviews with experts in your industry. Pick topics customers want to know about to make these SEO- friendly.
  • Show the product being created and interactions with the people making them.

Email Marketing

Emails aid personalization! Consumers are looking for content personalization nowadays. With shorter attention spans, customers are interested in things and services related to their needs.

Gain higher engagement from your emails by-

  • Divide your target audience into segments. Plan different emails for each customer segment. Take inspiration from the buyer behaviors and feedbacks.
  • Email relevant and informative content about the present and new products/services. Include a call-to-action with your email to encourage users to visit your website.

Content Marketing

Digital content marketing strategies can enhance website visibility! Informative blog posts, email, and case studies can help users understand your brand message.

Follow these tips to increase the audience’s content engagement-

  • As we mentioned before start using old content for new videos. Including videos in your blog and social media posts increases customer engagement.
  • Try creating a podcast! It is becoming quite popular among the young generation.
  • Make your content SEO-friendly to appear in search results often.
  • Aim to provide value with your content. Your customers must trust your advice to buy from you.
  • Combine highly engaging narratives with facts and statistics.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is gaining momentum fast! It is powerful and mainstream as it influences people on social platforms, forums, blogs, and messengers to promote brands, their products, services, and content.

With the constant increase in Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok popularity, there are immense opportunities for influencer marketing campaigns.

Here are some effective ways to use it for your target audience-

  • Partner with influencers on social media posts. Through collaboration, you can get influencers to create and post content to get their audiences’ attention.
  • Share the sponsored content guidelines and campaign objectives for the influencer to know and use respectively.
  • Guest blogging can be helpful too! Identify influencers who have blogs or websites in your niche with the right audience. Design content pieces for them if they accept submissions from guest authors on their websites. Include a link to your site or a mild call to action.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook had around 2.7 billion users in 2020. This number is bound to increase in the future as it has Instagram and Whatsapp under its hood.

Plan Facebook campaigns to reach the audience on the platform through its various promotion/advertising tools.

Videos, which get an engagement rate of 6.15% compared to posts (1.3%) on Facebook. Also, take advantage of Facebook Messenger as most digital marketing agencies like Switch2us do so.

facebook marketing

Don’t forget to make a Facebook Business Page to generate trust in the brand.

Here are some important tips that would help-

1. Create a Facebook Group to develop a community. People are likely to engage more in a group. They feel welcomed and valued being a part of a company group!

2. The Business Page can have general information and the Group can discuss niche interests and work with your brand ambassadors.

3. Host monthly Q&A sessions through Facebook or Instagram Live. Open a channel of communication to address customer problems, answer questions, and communicate in real-time.

4. Use Facebook stories to deliver short bits of information routinely throughout the day. Try not to edit these heavily, make it simple and fun.

5. Combination storytelling, text, and images, with your Facebook posts, videos, reels and stories. Creativity and consistency are rewarded by the users and the algorithm.

6. While planning both organic content and ads focus on your target audience and their needs.

7. When you customize content specifically for the right audience it will yield high engagement and trust.

8. Keep the groups’ interests, jobs, and previous interactions with your brand in mind while posting on social media.

9. High quality and error-free content is the way to go! Attractive posts are likely to give high conversion rates.

10.  Monitor your growth through insights. It can tell the time and days when your audience is present on the platform. Also, you can know the demographic, age and gender of the people interacting with the account.

Trial and error can be frustrating but don’t lose hope.

Joining forces with a Digital Marketing partner like Switch2us can help you solve the puzzle of trends and content planning. We have skilled professionals to provide you with the most effective SEO services.

We can help your brand adjust well to the changing trends and new technology. Our experts can balance between the popular content and audience needs with strategic digital planning.

Brands often see themselves disappear from the market with the oversaturation of content. As your digital partner, Switch2us will avoid this scenario and keep you relevant in the audience’s eyes.

Have you started planning your digital marketing campaigns? Or are you still trying to find answers? What content is valuable if the present trends change? What can amplify your marketing efforts?

Get in touch with us for all your digital marketing needs and build a solid foundation for your brand.

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