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Top Tips For Link Building with Content for SEO

  • SEO
  • November 25, 2021

Search engines improve their algorithms to show the highest-quality content for user queries. If you have links from external sites, then the bots recognize your website as trustworthy.

Today, we are sharing how you can create linkable high-quality content and use that for link building to the website.

Let’s start by understanding some terms- 

  • Content marketing applies to producing and distributing content to get traffic on your website and directing visitors to complete the CTA (Call to Action).
  • Link building is the means to get other websites or blogs to link to your web pages to improve your search engine rankings.

According to Switch2us SEO experts, the first step is producing good content with a high sharability quotient!

Check if the content produced by you is-

  • Well-researched and provides reliable information
  • Suitable for your target audience
  • Attractive and well-written copy
  • Uses images, graphs, videos or infographics to supports the text 
  • Relevant to the current trends 

Interestingly, a longer form of content gets more backlinks and social shares. Try to answer your target reader’s problem statement. To find these questions continue your research on sites like Quora or observe the suggestions appearing in the drop-down of Google search engine for a keyword. Include more numbers and verified quotes from subject matter experts.

If you are having trouble with your SEO content, contact Switch2us, providing link-building services customized to your needs.

The next step is building links to your sharable content-

Once you’ve uploaded your linkable content, focus on building links to it. Here are some of the ways you can do this-

  • Get the Social Media Numbers up

Having higher social shares, votes and comments make your content enticing to other potential readers. It proves your content is valuable, popular and, sharable.

Share blogs and article links on all your social media networks and post about them multiple times through stories or IG reels. You can also look into social media advertising and promote your posts for better engagement and earn a new audience.

  • Answer your followers/subscribers’ questions through the published content

Organizing Q&A sessions on your social media pages and linking relevant links can be extremely useful to drive traffic to your website, as well as help the user share the link if they find it useful at the same time.

Q&A networks like Yahoo Answers, Quora, forums, and social media groups are great ways to solve your target audience’s problem statement and promote your website.


Let’s go through the steps to building links with content:

  • Produce linkable quality content that provides value, remains accurate, updated, and has 1,000+ words.
  • Add research data, expert opinions and sources.
  • Create social posts immediately after publishing by generating social shares, votes and comments.
  • Get engagement through social advertising and organic postings to reach people who consume similar content.
  • Build links by responding to questions on Q&A networks, forums and social media groups and directing your content to relevant sites and platforms.

This SEO job needs time and effort, both to learn, create content and produce results. Professional SEO Services Indian Company, Switch2us can help you with all the work required to build a successful digital presence.

We have a qualified team to deliver content and Link Building services from India to clients around the globe. With the correct techniques, they can increase traffic and engagement on your website. Follow the link to contact the team:

And for more SEO-related tips and tricks, check out other blogs on our page. 

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