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Top Web Development Trends for 2021

With a website and online presence, you can market your business online. It helps to establish the authenticity of any brand. As technology is progressing, new and improved trends are surfacing on online platforms, especially for websites. But what are the major website trends in 2021 you need to try? Keep reading to know the web trends you can try out as suggested by Switch2us Experts providing website development services to clients globally-

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps (or PWA) gained attention due to their ability to deliver a high-quality user experience close to native app form.

This growing website trend helps users to view websites on a mobile web browser or desktop, without downloading special apps or computer programs. It could send push notifications and give users offline access to cached content.

It can be useful for E-commerce, news platforms, web development companies with low development budgets, and companies who want to reach a larger audience without losing it on the app downloading step should be mindful now.

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

AI is the future of technological development! Bots will become efficient at self-learning and scale user’s needs and behavior. It could replace support managers and save money spent on labor.

It could be combined into PWA, a regular website, professional or household devices, and any Internet-connected app developed by a commercial corporation. AI-based bots have 24/7 problem-solving potential, human-like experience, and extensive consumer behavior data.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

It is to speed up page performance and reduce the risk of users clicking out of the website. Pages can be accelerated due to the open-source plug-in recently revealed by Twitter and Google.

AMPs are optimized pages that work fast, are simple, and have a convenient design with only basic features. These are mobile-friendly and the content is always readable.

With the Internet becoming more user-oriented, the AMP plug-in gives businesses the possibility to save up on UX and join users with any Internet speed.

Single Page Application (SPA)

SPAs became popular due to JavaScript frameworks growth. Through this, we can catch particular browser events and request JSON that appears similar to a web application. Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Maps, and social platforms like Facebook, work like this.

SPAs hold users’ attention with the fast operating system. There is instant feedback too! Single-page sites also take up less and could run without server-side code at all (API technology).

Voice Search Optimization

The future technology could be more speech-oriented than text! Virtual home assistants such as Siri, Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa have proved the popularity of the same. Many families are turning their living and working space into smart homes and offices. Soon most smart and IoT devices will hear users and perform commands given by the voice. They could recognize the different voices and provide a personalized AI-based experience for every person identified on the device or application.

Voice search is pretty significant! People have reduced attention span and prefer to spend less time typing instructions as devices could understand them precisely. Companies are trying to find ways to optimize their physical and digital outputs for voice search.

Think about what can be achieved with voice optimization for regular websites and apps! It will benefit both users and developers. It would save time and allow users to shop with one command.

Switch2us, a specialized web design company operating from India, can help you keep up with the trends and develop an efficient website. You can get in touch with us and let our team help you develop a strong digital presence.

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