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Use your Brand Voice to amplify your SEO efforts

  • SEO
  • November 23, 2021

There is extensive competition in the online market; therefore businesses have to work harder and smarter than ever to stand out from the crowd.

Having a unique brand voice for your company can appeal to customers and help get noticed through effective SEO practices.

You may ask what a “brand voice” is. It is a company expressing its message in a particular style and tone. A brand voice should describe your core values and attract users. Switch2us as a leading SEO company in India helps clients globally to determine their target customers and develop a unique brand voice.

As one of the best SEO companies in India, we have observed that a consistent brand voice is vital across all aspects of your communications, from blogs to emails to product/service information. If your content doesn’t fit well with the brand, audiences would feel disengaged and lose their brand loyalty.

Here are few tricks to develop a unique voice that supports all your SEO efforts-

1. Complete Keywords Research

Keyword research is an essential component of your SEO strategy! Catalog popular words and phrases your target audience search for and make content around those questions keeping the brand message in mind.

2. Catchy Title Tags

A title tag is an HTML element that represents the title of a web page. It tells visitors what to expect on that web page. Make a good first impression with a catchy title tag that pops up in the online search.

A good title tag has:

  • Primary keyword
  • Keyword near the start
  • 50 to 60 characters
  • The brand name (for popular companies)

3. Hook with the Meta Description

A Meta Description is a text that appears under the title tag in the search results. It is approximately 150-160 characters that summarize the page contents. Optimize the meta descriptions to match your brand voice and encourage visitors to click on the link.

4. Use Attractive Headline

Lure the reader with an attention-grabbing headline. Using short Heading and subheadings, well-structured content with the primary keyword will make them read the entire article/blog.

5. Brand Voice is the Hero

Good content with the personality can highlight your brand voice and keep the reader entertained as well as informed. Don’t stuff the copy with keywords rather use them where they mingle harmoniously with the entire message. Choose the right topics that speak to your target customers’ needs and fit with the marketing strategy.

6. Plan for the Future

Don’t forget the voice searches through Google Assistant and Alexa. Insert your brand message in the long-tail keywords used in meta descriptions. In the global world multilingual content can take you a step ahead of your competitors. Also, social media can help to reach your potential customers in less time and drive them to your website or application.

Your SEO partner can guide you or take up the entire work related to these specific tasks. Switch2us is the no. 1 choice as an SEO company in India for our global clients! This is because we help them build a brand voice to attract potential customers in a highly competitive world.

While forming your SEO strategy-

  • We carry out a competitor analysis,
  • Customize your brand voice to your target audience through clever SEO techniques,
  • And produce informative and helpful content.

Our SEO experts optimize your title tags, meta descriptions, and web content, to increase site traffic. We ensure your brand voice “addresses” possible users on the right level by helping you rise up important SERP rankings. Book your consultation with us today!

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