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Web Development is in High Demand— as Well as a Need for More Technical Skills

As web technologies hit another innovation sprint, web developers and designers are more critical than ever to a company's internet strategy. This Golden Age of web development and design, which signals new small business growth and an economic boost, shows no signs of slowing down, according to a new study commissioned by GoDaddy. Increasing demand and evolving technology drive the industry's growth, primarily fueled by growth in the retail and travel sectors.

We all rely on computers every day, but only a few know how they work. Every year, there is a greater need for these knowledgeable computer specialists. Based on the U.S. Department of Labor, there will be a 13 percent increase in employment for web developers from 2018 to 2028, very high compared to other occupations, adding that mobile devices and eCommerce will drive the demand.

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We are maintaining a competitive edge.

The countries surveyed in the global research, conducted by the Evans Data company, were the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Brazil, and Mexico. According to the report, web designers and developers are growing at more than 25 percent each year. Among those who have experienced growth, more than one in three has experienced growth of at least 50 percent.

Web professionals are playing a wider variety of roles now than ever before, and their primary focus is keeping up with the demand for services. Small and growing companies provide most of the jobs in the United States. It takes a unique combination of business savvy, cutting-edge technical expertise, and creative skills to serve these companies - a variety that's exclusive to web developers and designers.

They have a pressing concern about keeping those skills current to remain competitive. Their industry is constantly evolving into something completely new, and their clients are always looking for the latest innovations.

Growing the digital economy

In sum, the study illustrates the importance of a booming global industry to the growth of small businesses and the overall health of the digital economy. Mobile, artificial intelligence, bots, and the development of messaging platforms are all areas where web professionals must possess skills.

2/5 of respondents said web pages should now be optimized for mobile across devices, with the majority reporting they spend most of their time on mobile, and 56 percent of professionals say they communicate with clients primarily through tools like Slack - though rumor has it that VR is the next frontier of client communication.

There is no such thing as the next frontier in web design and development. The latest technological developments don't so much appear on the horizon as they land right in front of you, demanding your attention. According to the study, it seems that web professionals are on the case.



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