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What are Google Ads & How to use them for business growth?

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  • November 24, 2021

Which is the most popular search engine in the world?

Of course, it is Google! It also provides a platform to run Google Ads. It is because of its wider reach and usage among the audience.

Now, what are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform under the marketing umbrella known as pay-per-click (PPC). The advertiser pays per click or per impression (CPM) on an ad. PPC packages are provided by SEO companies like Switch2us to help you create and manage these ads. It drives the desired customers to the required destination and increases engagement on your website.

With an 8% Click-through rate, 180 million impressions, 43 % of customers buying through ads, Google ads have proved their worth.

SEO optimization companies in India work on Google, as it receives over 5 billion search queries answered with advertisement and organic results.

Google Ads Best Practices

  1. PPC template –Use templates to keeps things organized
  2. Say no to broad keyword terms- Modifying keywords is far better than getting placed among the wrong audience by Google ads
  3. No irrelevant ads- keep your headline and ads familiar as well relevant to the searchers
  4. Quality score(QS)- Google provides QS so that you can improve ads
  5. Ad landing page – Users should get what they expected, so the landing page is equally important.

Some more Google terms

  1. Ad Rank- Determines the placement of your ads.
  2. Bidding-The higher you bid, the better is your placement. CPC, CPM, CPE are the bidding options.
  3. Campaign Type-You can choose Search, Display, or Video ads.
  4. Click-Through Rate- CTR is the number of clicks by the number of views your ads get.
  5. Conversion Rate- Total number of visits recorded to your landing page.
  6. Display Network-GDS gives spaces between the websites for ads.
  7. Ad Extension- Adding additional information with no costs.
  8. Keywords- The words/phrases searched by users.
  9. Quality score- It measures the quality of your ad.

Ad Rank and the quality score depend on the relevance of the researched keywords, the delivery, and the user’s experience. Choose the right location for your ads. There is always scope for improvement! Monitor ads and their performance to select the suitable options for the next ad.

Ad extensions are free then why not use them when it allows you to interact with more audience. Google uses cookies to track the users who didn’t convert and retargets them.

Which campaign will you choose? Search, Display, Video, App, or Shopping?

Search ads allow your ads to appear where most of the users look – on Google. Display ads allow your content to appear on viewers’ page, and PPC plays a crucial role. Video ad campaigns are the ones that run on YouTube videos. Google allows displaying app promotions using ads. Shopping ads are about products appearing on the viewer’s device.

how to use and create google ads

How to use and create Google Ads?

  1. Link your Google Analytics to track and examine traffic
  2. Add Urchin Tracking Module code to trace activity on specific links
  3. Arrange conversions tracking
  4. Combine your Google Ads with your CRM to track, analyze and report

Bidding System is where the platform sets the bid based on your competitors, or you can set your own, according to your ad group, reducing the expense. You can set CPA and only pay when there are conversions.

PPC services provided by professionals in India like Switch2us can perform better and have higher conversion rates. Though all the information mentioned above can help to start a campaign. If you are looking to onboard a skilled team for digital requirements, visit

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