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What is ORM & how to use it for your business?

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  • November 23, 2021

Have you ever encountered any customer who shows anger on digital platforms or social media by posting negative comments? As a brand, you try hard to keep your customers happy. But when they publish anything negative about you, the entire digital audience is prone to react to it.

Here, ORM (Online Reputation Management) comes into play! Switch2us ORM services from India help clients globally to minimize or handle negative feedback efficiently and maintain a positive brand presence in the digital world.

What is ORM?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the method of actively observing the mentions of the website & social media handles to acknowledge both positive and negative feedback from users.

ORM generally works by responding to the negative comments of the customers online & resolving their issues by escalating to the customer support team. It also involves recognizing the positive messages and making the audience feel special by replying.

Today companies are outsourcing Online Reputation Management services from India to minimize the efforts required to handle extra manpower. Your ORM partner provides accountability, efficiency and trained staff to handle all kinds of queries.

5 Online Reputation Management Strategies you can use for your business-

  1. Answer Quickly With Compassion.
  • Be quick to answer customers when they ask questions, either by message or posting on social media. A survey reveals that approximately 80% of people expect responses to social media comments in a day or less. Waiting longer to reply can frustrate users, therefore show you value them by helping with the queries promptly.
  • Show interest in solving their problems by communicating a sense of genuine concern over the customer’s discomfort.
  1. Tackle Negativity Immediately
  • Don’t let negative comments and reviews from customers pile up! Attending to unhappy customers can bring a change in their product/service experience.
  • As most people check reviews before trying new brands, this backlog of negativity will come to bite you in the future taking the brand image down.
  • Address the concerns with patience! Leave information for the reviewer to directly contact the customer support team to resolve their issues.
  1. Correct Your Mistakes
  • Show that you care about your customers and create clear communication channels. Being transparent with the users increases brand loyalty.
  • Apologize and describe the step you will take to resolve the situation.
  • In case of miscommunication educate the user with the right information through policy review, offer and store/office location change updates.
  1. Rank in Your Search Results
  • Constantly monitor your brand’s search results to recognize what customers see.
  • Encourage happy customers to submit positive reviews on different platforms. This improves the average rating, and potential customers reach you through individual feedback.
  1. Go for Automated Online Reputation Management
  • Turn on Google Alerts! Enter your brand name in the tool, and get notifications of mentions about your company.
  • You can also perform a “sentiment analysis,” by looking at key emotion words in reviews to know how people feel about your brand.

Keeping our audience happy and feel valued is the priority for most companies. In the process of addressing these queries, you can gather enough information to make useful changes to your product/service, brand message and website content without any added survey costs.

Hiring a digital partner like Switch2us offering ORM services from India is much more beneficial. We have specific tools and techniques to attend to all your ORM needs. We handle advanced work of ORM like repairing and establishing relationships with customers. Want to know more? Book your first consultation with us today!

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