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Why should you switch to a new SEO tool?

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  • November 24, 2021

Use SEO tools that fulfill your business requirements! The right Search Engine Optimization tools direct you towards growth and help you to adapt to the new trends.

To improve your SEO efforts-

  • Stay updated with the industry and technology advancements to know your weak points.
  • Identify the tools that solve these specific issues efficiently.
  • Include the tools that suit your needs best to optimize your SEO workflows.

We have gathered various insights from Switch2us SEO experts. Keep reading to know if it’s time to start looking for new SEO software in your tool stack.

1. You are not getting the right data or functionalities

Ask yourself if the present tools provide enough data? Are you getting accurate information? If not, then you might be struggling to reach your SEO goals.

SEO tools should solve business pain points, even the ones we have not recognized were possible to resolve.

Switch to a different tool if-

  • It gives unreliable estimates and can’t evaluate your SEO performance properly.
  • The software has poor customer support, repeated technical problems, and other functionality issues.

You are not getting the right data or functionalities

2. Keep your Tools inventory up-to-date

Digital platforms are evolving at a fast pace! This is why Switch2us, as an SEO company in India, stays up-to-date with new improvements to remain competitive. We aim to be at the forefront of innovation, and constantly lookout for new technologies to grow.

You or your team should keep a tab over the tools that:

  • Allow easy export of data
  • Facilitate collaboration between teams
  • Have crucial functionalities integrated into a single platform

3. You plan to expand your SEO efforts

If your business is growing, then some of your marketing requirements are bound to change or expand. Fast-growing companies need more capabilities, like:

  • Tools that allow you to have unlimited users.
  • SEO tools that work seamlessly with your other business tools.
  • Tools with operational dashboards, unified systems, and personalization.

4. The tools are no longer cost-effective

Different companies have different budgets! Even if you have enough capital it is better to optimize the budget to get value for money on every tool included.

Go through their website to see the different ‘Plans’ they have for different types of Teams and SEO requirements. See if they have flexible pricing! If your use of the tool’s resources fluctuates from month to month, find out if the subscription fee remains the same, or you get an option to upgrade or downgrade each month. Also, search if they have any add-on costs that you are unaware of.

When is the best time to start looking for a new SEO tool?

Our experts say you should never stop looking for the right tools. Research and innovation are ongoing processes, particularly in this rapidly-changing industry. So your core SEO tools have to match the pace of changing requirements and constantly update their capabilities.

google analytics

We summarize the visible signs indicating the inefficiency of existing solutions:

  • When you don’t get the right data or functionalities.
  • When you are expanding but the existing tool bank doesn’t support your goals.
  • When your team is growing and needs more capabilities in place.
  • When the tool’s cost doesn’t match up to your budget.

Search for SEO platforms providing more data features than others. Some of them may charge extra to view specific metrics, like:

  • Google’s “not provided” data
  • Organic traffic segmentation
  • Mobile vs. desktop traffic

Acquiring this data can help to make a strong SEO strategy or even evaluate the performance of your SEO initiatives. For instance, outlining the traffic data from Google Analytics and pairing it with the keyword data from Google Search Console to get the unlisted findings and reports can give a clearer picture. It can directly find which SEO technique supports business goals.

Hope these suggestions help you advance in your SEO applications. Follows us for more digital marketing tips and tricks!

If you are looking to onboard a Digital Team for SEO and Website requirements, we can help! Switch2us provided excellent SEO services and keeps updating the core tools to help our clients reach their business goals. We can manage all our client’s digital requirements in one place.

That’s why our team is committed to creating customized solutions for our global client base. Contact us today to book a consultation!

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