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Your Guide for SEO Competitor Analysis

  • SEO
  • November 23, 2021

The first step to planning any business strategy is to evaluate the competition in the market. Don’t you agree? Big or small, every company has its unique selling points and successful marketing methods. In the online world, effective SEO practices will bring awareness to your brand/services and can increase website traffic.

SEO competitor analysis is a crucial step in a strong research strategy. It can help the website to rank higher, get increased traffic, and gain genuine conversions.

Professional SEO analysis can help you uncover opportunities you may not have noticed otherwise.

With Switch2us Competition analysis service find answers to questions like:

·    Who are the real SEO competitors?

·    What keywords should be targeted?

·    What topics to write SEO-friendly content on?

·    How to beat the competition?

Studying your competition’s online presence can help to differentiate your brand message from the others and stand out among a plethora of search results. Keep reading to learn the SEO tips from our Digital experts for effective competitor analysis:

·    Beginners often enter their keyword on the Search engine to identify competitors by observing which domains are ranking. You can do this for 10–20 of your most popular keywords and record the information in a spreadsheet. Observe which domains appear the most frequently and in what position.

·    Search your target keywords, product or services on search engines and prepare a list of all the competing websites/brands. Research the collected links, keywords, content, and more of your SEO competitors to identify the thriving elements of these tactics.

·    The second step is to examine what’s working for your competition and use this data to improve the required SEO efforts.

·    Explore your competitor’s top content and find topics that you can add to or improve through SEO copywriting. Beware of recreating the content material as the other web pages. Provide value to your target audience! Always add some extra features, more data, beautiful visuals that can attract the audience and urge them to read the blogs or articles.

·    While running ads you can target a similar group of people as your competition.

·    Compare the details and elements missing from your website. Audit the site to include changes and make it Google friendly.

·    Find out if your competitors are leveraging social media and Quora to increase their customer base. Find the topics and questions they are focusing on and provide solution your brand can achieve for the online consumer.

·    If you are working on your website SEO individually find tools to get keywords, research traffic on web pages and create grammatically and factually correct content.

Instead of trying only the trial and error method and guessing the keywords, content or link building process, see what’s working for others! The idea is not to mimic your competition but to use data to improve upon them and use this awareness to create better experiences for your visitors.

Switch2us provides professional SEO analysis services that include-

1.    Finding True SEO Competitors

2.    Keyword Gap Analysis

3.    Top Content Analysis

4.    Link Gap Analysis

5.    Google SERP Analysis

We bring together effective research metrics and qualified staff to take on the advanced SEO planning of websites. It leaves all the complex analysis on us and keeps you out of the time-consuming spreadsheets. With an SEO partner, website owners can work on other aspects of the brand to generate qualified website traffic.

Simplest SEO competitor analysis requires your effort and Google. So get started! And if you are confused and want to onboard a qualified team to help, look no further. Switch2us helps clients globally to uncover opportunities through efficient SEO tool and techniques. Book your free consultation with us today!

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