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      It’s high time to update your website design!

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      We all need to have a digital identity for our business, and website is the best possible way to achieve it. But just creating it is not enough. Your website should be impactful in all aspects, be it technology, SEO, or design. Today we will discuss why it’s high time one should update their website design.

      The design brings aesthetic value to your website. Your visitor creates an assumption in his/her mind, which unconsciously sets a brand image. But how to get your website design to be functionally and aesthetically strong? Here are some web design tips you can use to do so.

      1. Create a plan which complements the journey of your visitor to become a customer.

      Your visitor is on your website to check what you do & how your business can help him in any way. To better describe it, your website visitor is your potential customer for the future. Hence, your website must cater to engage him, make him learn about your business, and then convert him to buy your product/service. And it can happen only with a good design for your website that guides your user to have a great experience.

      2. Use complementing stock images

      When you use any image for your website, think about how relatable it can be for your customer. You might not be able to find the right pictures in one go, but the key is to keep trying. You can also ask your web developer, or any web development services that you have used to create your site using relevant stock images only. Generally, the inexperienced web designing agency uses any random image to save time and effort. Spend the time to go through the visual aspects of the site yourself.

      3. Hire an expert

      While you plan to get your web design updated, the best way to do it is through a ‘web design agency. Choose an agency that has a strong portfolio of developing the most aesthetic websites for their clients. You can also choose Switch2us web development services for a fluid experience.

      4. Easy UI & Website navigation

      When a visitor comes to a website, it should be easy for him to navigate through the web pages. A good website design always adopts a user-friendly approach, where it’s easy to navigate from one option to another without any hassle. It should be an unconscious presence of a happy feeling for the user to spend time on your website and learn more about your products and services. It can happen only by the website design approach that is proactive in generating a positive user experience.

      Easy UI & Website navigation

      5. Mobile optimizing is a must!

      While most internet users browse the web through their smartphones, every business needs to optimize its website design for mobile phones. But it’s not an easy job & requires a lot of professional help to get the right appearance like that complements your business & your website visitors. Hence, we recommend on board a web design agency to get the job done. With expertise in designing websites for several clients, hiring a web development agency can be the best decision.

      6. Use clear call-to-action

      Call-to-action is that part of your website which pushes your visitor to engage, buy or explore more. When a visitor lands on your website, you will need to guide them to sections of your website to start the talk. Suppose a user is reading a blog that says about a specific service of your brand. A call-to-action can help the reader to buy your service. But, it is of utmost importance that your call to action is visible, else you might lose a customer.

      7. Add social validations & proofs

      If your business is on Facebook or any other social network, or you are someone who sells your products on Amazon, use your reviews as your marketing tool. If you have a 4 or 5-star rating, showcase them on your website. The user reviews generate a lot of trust in any business. Hence, when you get your website designed, ask your web design agency to integrate your reviews on the homepage.

      Add social validations & proofs

      8. Video Testimonials

      You work hard for your clients to deliver work & they are staying with you because you are doing a good job. And you can utilize this for your business. Ask your clients to make video testimonials & integrate them on your website. The video generates trust & if a person is praising your work/product, you will gain more business. The homepage can be the best section to showcase these videos.

      We hope these web design tips are going to help you plan your website better. If you need any help with your website designing, you can connect to Switch2us.