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Often negative reviews and feedback are not given the importance they deserve. Online reputation management can be a very effective way of tackling them and minimizing the damage they can do to your business. The most crucial aspect of online reputation management is to take control of the situation and make sure that the information about you and your business is correct, up to date, and well managed; this is where the best reputation management companies like switch2us come into play.


How our online reputation package can help your business address its negative publicity-

Our team of experts at switch2us has developed a robust online reputation package, keeping the changing online landscape in mind. This package is designed to help your business through the challenges of negative publicity. 

Here are the ways it can help your business to overcome any negative online reputation :

1. Customer Service- Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a business; we have designed our online reputation package to help you in this area. We will help you ensure that your customers' experiences with your company are positive. We will do this by giving them the ability to get in touch with you directly and make it easier for them to contact you. 


2. Brand Protection- Brand protection is another crucial aspect of running a business. We have included this as one of our online reputation management services packages to help you protect your brand in the online space. These services allow you to identify and manage harmful content about your brand and protect it from being repurposed by other websites. 


3. Social Media Management- Social media is the newest arena for businesses to reach out to their customers. Social media has become the most powerful tool in customer engagement for businesses; this is why we give our customers the ability to positively manage their social media presence. We will help you identify and address harmful content associated with your brand in the social space. 

4. Online Reputation Management- The online space is constantly changing, and people are now using the web as any other media to research different information and find out about a business. We will ensure that your business has the best star ratings and reviews in the right places so that your customers easily find them.

Our online reputation package at switch2us is unique from other companies because it provides a bouquet of business-tailored advantages. It ensures a positive online image and reputation for your business.

Our Advantages:

1. Our packages are cost-effective – A good reputation online is costly to maintain. We have designed our online reputation package so that you do not have to break the bank to ensure a good reputation online.


2. Best Quality- We understand that your reputation online is essential to you. We will ensure that your brand is protected from negative publicity so that you do not have to worry about it. Our online reputation package is designed with the best quality standards in mind. 


3. Positive branding- Our customers have seen the difference between traditional marketing and online reputation management. Reputation management is about making your business a positive one. Our online reputation package is designed to help you achieve this. We use the proper methods to ensure that your business is portrayed positively online. 


4. Quicker results- We believe that a business is only as successful as its reputation online. Our online reputation package helps you ensure that your business is seen positively online. You can also get the desired results you need much quicker than our competitors' services.


Our team of talented experts at switch2us, having years of experience in this area, has put together our online reputation packages with great care. They are designed to suit your every business's needs and requirements. Give us a call for a free quotation about our online reputation services; our team will be more than happy to discuss with you all the details. 

Choose Your Plan (Per month Cost) Bronze $299/Month Silver $499/Month Gold $799/Month Platinum $1199/Month
Phrases Protected & Monitored Up to 2 Up to 5 Up to 8 Up to 13
Search Result Positions Protected 1 To 10 1 To 10 1 To 20 1 To 30
Development of Micro-sites
Article writing
Article Submissions
Press Release Writing
Press Releases Submissions
Social Media Bookmarking
Social Media Profiles Creation
Facebook - Setup
Facebook - Enhancemen
Facebook - Promotion
Facebook - Management
Twitter - Setup
Twitter - Enhancements
Twitter - Promotion
Twitter - Management
Linkedin - Setup
Linkedin - Enhancement
Linkedin - Promotion
Linkedin - Profile Promotion
Linkedin - Management
Google Profile Setup
Reddit - Setup
Business Listing
Business Profiling
Pinterest - Setup
Pinterest - Enhancement
Pinterest - Promotion
Pinterest - Management
YouTube - Setup
YouTube - Enhancement
YouTube - Promotion
Business Profile Linking
Forum Comments
Tumblr Profile Creation
Tumblr Promotion
Instagram Promotion
Guest Blog Posting
Guest Blog Sharing
Paid Blog Posting
Paid Blog Sharing
Blog RSS Distribution
Web2.0 Creation
Web2.0 Posting
Web2.0 Promotion
Yahoo Answers (Q/A)
Quora Answers (Q/A)
Slide Share Presentations
Photo Sharing
Forum Site Reviews
Customer Reviews
Video Creation
Video Submissions
Video Testimonials
Video Promotion
PPT Submissions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is a critical part of any online strategy. If your business is vulnerable to negative comments, Online reputation management can help protect your business from online defamation. By monitoring and managing your online reputation, you can minimize the damage that negative comments and reviews can cause. Think about how important your business's online reputation is. When people search for your business online, they want to see its good things. So, it's essential to keep your online reputation management campaigns as practical as possible by working with the best online reputation management agency with years of experience in this field. 

How long does Reputation repair take?

Managing your online reputation is a continuous process that requires effort and time. No matter how bad the situation, repairing your online reputation is a critical first step in regaining public trust. The online reputation of your business is your reputation. People think of you when they Google you or stumble across your website. By following best practices and committing your time, you can quickly improve the public perception of your company, brand, or individual profile. There are many tools and techniques available to help rebuild a damaged reputation of your business; however, it requires a solid online reputation strategy.

Rapid changes in rankings can be a good thing or a bad thing, but with a solid online reputation management strategy in place, businesses can weather any storm.

How much does reputation repair cost?

The cost of online reputation repair will depend upon many things such as packages, plans, and services that are being offered. However, it may vary depending on which agency you hire for the job. A rough estimate would be from as low as $1000 to $30,000, and all of it depends on the quality of service you will receive. Fixing a business's online reputation is not a simple task, and it requires a lot of skilled expertise from professionals who work hard to make it possible for you. If you are willing to work with an online reputation management agency with years of experience and the right talent for the job, then your business will see a positive outcome no matter what the cost is.

Is it possible to remove harmful or inappropriate online reviews?

If your business falls below a certain threshold of bad reviews, it can be hard to recover. That's where our online reputation management service comes in. Our team of experts will analyze your digital profiles and detect negative reviews. We will help you take down the negative thoughts and improve your ratings on sites like Google Reviews, Yelp, etc. With our robust online reputation management service, we will help you improve your customer experience, which will reduce the likelihood of bad reviews occurring in the first place. We have already been evolving our strategy to best suit any online reputation risks that could happen in the ever-changing digital landscape to protect our clients and their businesses. Thi; is why we are one of the trusted online reputation management companies. 

How to fix a damaged reputation?

If you have a lot of negative feedback about your business, it can damage your business, image, and ability to sell products or services. That's why it's essential to take it very seriously at the root level. Working with a reputable online reputation management company can protect your online reputation and restore your tarnished image. Our professionals will do our best to check every negative comment or review that your business receives and ensure the swift removal of any fake or inappropriate reviews or feedback about your business. 

Why is having an excellent online reputation necessary?

In the internet age, it's more important than ever for businesses to have an excellent online reputation. Reviews are one of the most critical factors in how customers search for new companies. Starting a business can be challenging, but it can be even more complex when against stiff competition. That's where an excellent online reputation comes in - it can give you an edge over your rivals and help you attract new customers. Your business can struggle to find new customers and even hit lower sales numbers with a negative online reputation. That's why it's vital to repair any damage and improve your online visibility.