PPC Services

A best PPC company in India that Maximizes your Revenue and Minimize your Ad spend

PPC advertising agency: Key  element of any pay per click marketing services strategy.

Are you searching for rapid growth? Are you planning to sit here waiting for the new customers come to you today and every day? PPC (pay per click) services and campaigns are perfect for early-stage companies looking to capture potential customers in a go.

We obsessively personalize campaigns and optimize them on a daily basis to guarantee you receive a generous return on investment. Because we’re the best PPC agency  in the industry and India, that’s why we’re the best. We maximize every penny, no matter the size of your business or budget.

  • Success in Marketing
  • Proven Pay Per Click Services
  • Competitive Rates

Switch2us Pay Per Click Services

Switch2us is a PPC company headquartered in India. We are experts in leveraging Google Ads PPC and Paid Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more to fuel and support your online business grow.

  1. A complete marketing audit

We carry out a complete audit of your current online marketing strategy and offer recommendations to make your brand stronger.

  1. Creative Creation

When it comes to the most critical aspects of your business, we design and execute pay per click services strategies that result in growth. Using our expertise and best in practice PPC company in India we help you attain winning results.

  1. Curative Banner Designs

Targeting and engaging your audience with banners that include targeted and relevant calls-to-action is our preferred method in pay per click services.

  1. Tracking Accuracy

To accurately record your website sales or leads, as well as diagnose any conversion funnel bottlenecks your visitors may encounter, we implement Tags, Pixels, and Tracking codes.

  1. The A/B testing process

In order to increase our overall marketing efforts, we test different landing pages/variations of pages in order to discover the most effective configuration and most profitable page for our business.

  1. Optimize Conversion Rates

We recommend you look into website optimization along with conversion techniques that can increase your conversions by twofold! To increase conversions, we’ll analyze where users exit  web pages (bounce) and offer suggestions for subtle adjustments.

  1. Report on Performance

All pay per click marketing services performance data is inspected and any noteworthy points that merit attention or improvement are identified. Performance reports are provided on a schedule that is most convenient for you.

  1. ROI improved / ROAS improved

As a PPC advertising agency, we constantly review, optimize, and fine-tune campaigns to maximize your return on investment or return on sales. It is imperative to identify and nurture the campaigns that are the best performers.

Why choose Switch2us Pay per click services?

As one of best PPC advertising agency, we always seek to raise the digital revenue of our customers using the best PPC services in India. Here are some of our main strengths as best PPC company in India:

  • Best Project Manager

Whether small or large, we always have a dedicated project manager for every brand. The project manager holds the primary responsibility to deliver quality outcomes on a regular basis.

  • Help increase ROI

We consistently strive to increase the ROI of our customers with our Pay Per Click services. To this end, we produce more leads for our brands that lead to higher income.

  • Capture Relevant Audience

We understand how difficult it is to invest and not to generate revenue. This is mainly because the audience is not targeted. Through our pay per click services and  campaigns, we only target the right audience to maximize your spending and to achieve high-quality guidelines.

  • Report Regularly

We ensure that the latest performance reports are given to our clients. These reports also help us develop a road map to boost your brand’s performance and outcomes over time.