SEO Services in Italy

Switch2us is a multilingual SEO firm. We've assisted several small and medium-sized businesses in swiftly expanding in Europe.

We have a staff of native Italian translators, copywriters, and SEO professionals who work remotely from their homes to assist you in growing your business in Italy, increasing traffic to your website, and increasing sales.

Our SEO strategy focuses on quality, with a scientific approach to developing the best SEO plan, thoroughly researched and proofread content, and link building from high authority and good Italian sites.

Services provided by professionals

The following are the SEO services in Italy that we provide:


Keyword Research: Each of our projects begins with in-depth research, ensuring that each page we optimize is optimized with relevant keywords with high traffic from Italy but a common organic SEO problem so that your site sees quick results.

SEO Audit: Some of our clients already have good on-page SEO, so an audit isn't necessary; however, if you've never had SEO work done on your site before, or if you can't identify a problem, we'll conduct a full SEO Audit, analyzing 20 different factors of your site and providing detailed recommendations in order of priority. We may either implement the recommendations ourselves or work with your web developer if you wish.

If you already have an English site, we can translate the text for you into Italian; alternatively, we can compose 'About Us' sections, product descriptions, or blogs from scratch after first researching your sector. In addition, our company provides translation services in six European languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch.

Our Italian translators and copywriters are all native speakers with a bachelor's degree or higher in their subject and a lot of experience.

Italian Link Building — we've built up a network of web admins, online publications, and blog owners. We can do Italian guest posting to high-authority sites with backlinks to your site; This will help you boost your Google reputation. Every backlink is considered a vote of confidence. As part of our Italian link-building service, we also provide social media management, directory submissions, picture shares, and various other links.

Website Design: If necessary, we may assist you with making your site more responsive, increasing its speed, requesting that various potential clients in Italy evaluate it and provide feedback on their user experience, or even designing a whole new website for you. We may also offer suggestions on how to best structure a bilingual website.


The most effective SEO strategy in Italy

Because every website is unique, when we embark on a new project, we'll review your site and develop a custom SEO plan that is unique to you. We won't recommend redoing your on-page SEO if it has previously been finished by another SEO company in Italy and looks good (unless we spot some significant issues that need resolving, of course). You'll get the best return on your investment this way.

While most of our clients have periods of more significant growth and slower growth, there are times when change is consistent; here's an example of monthly traffic for one of our Italian clients over six months.


Italy is the source of traffic.

We've performed successful Italian SEO strategies for a variety of websites.


The Scientific Method

Our plan is also founded on complex research, thus we go through a detailed procedure when deciding on the ideal strategy, which includes:


  • We are maintaining a working knowledge of Google's ongoing algorithm modifications to ensure that our advice is up to date.
  • Only offering white hat SEO services ensures that your site will continue to rank well even if Google's algorithm changes.
  • Check the SEO Challenge for each term to see how powerful the top 20 domains that rank for that keyword are, so we don't waste your money and time on keywords that aren't worth targeting.
  • Use Google to compare your site to the top ten places. It is for a specific keyword to see what they're doing that you aren't and then offer actionable suggestions.

·    To ensure that every link is valuable to you, write in-depth and engaging articles for Italian guest posts and place them on sites with a Domain Authority of 25 or higher and high traffic.