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What Should You Know About SEO in Spain?

Search engine optimization SEO services in Spain can help you increase sales of your products or services. Today's post will go over some helpful hints for tailoring your SEO strategy to this country in the Iberian Peninsula.

Spain is one of the most populous countries in Europe. It's easy to observe how quickly the number of Spanish Internet users had grown by comparing data from 2000, when only 5.5 million Spaniards accessed the Internet, to 2010, when the number had surpassed 30 million. There are about 38 million active Internet users in Spain. In Spain, SEO can increase the visibility of your company's website to local consumers who determine the demand for goods and services. So, what should you concentrate on while developing your business strategy?

Before you begin SEO in Spain, you should know a few things.

1. Do Spaniards shop on the Internet?

This is how Spanish Internet users spent their time online during a typical week in 2016.

Spaniards spend most of their internet time checking their emails, using search engines, and browsing social media platforms. You probably think if Spanish Internet consumers are willing to buy online if you want to implement SEO in Spain and enhance sales of your products and services. The answer to this question necessitates a study of the market's desire for specific commodities. Studying local citizens' attitudes about online buying can also yield helpful but broader information.

Approximately 5% of Spanish Internet users choose to purchase online during the week (for comparison, 6 percent in France, 9 percent in Poland, and even 19 percent in the UK – source: Statista). It's vital to examine how much a typical consumer spends on internet purchases to gather more reliable data.

With each passing year, online shopping has become more popular. This form of shopping is prevalent in the United States and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, people in countries like Japan, Germany, and Spain are becoming increasingly keen to shop online. As you can see, despite spending only 5% of their weekly time buying online, Spaniards buy things that are worth more than those purchased by German or Chinese Internet users.

Spain's social media

When executing SEO efforts, you should not overlook the relevance of social media if you want to promote your brand and efficiently reach the Spanish market. According to statistics, Spain is ranked higher than Germany, China, and Italy in terms of the number of Internet users who visited social media sites in January 2020.

It's no longer shocking that Facebook is the most popular social networking platform. This platform is preferred by up to 90% of users in Spain. Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr should all be part of your SEO strategy in Spain. However, one virtual platform is not included in the given figures.

When breaking into the Spanish market, don't overlook Tuenti, a social media platform. It is available in the following languages: English, Castilian, Catalan, and Basque. Tuenti, often known as Spanish Facebook, allows you to make an account if you're at least 14 years old and have been invited. Tuenti's profile photographs and other images do not appear in the SERPs.

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