Web Design Development Services

India’s Leading Web Design and Development Company

Switch2us is a full-service web design and development company in India with head office centered in Delhi. As an online hub that offers out of box web design and web development services, we know how to captivate users with awesome visuals. In fact, we immerse them in your site by making it easy to navigate them to find what exactly they want. 

In a nutshell our design process consists of strategic workshop, analyzing competitors landscape, working into users shoes that defines the user persona, design wireframes to pixel-perfect icons while making sure that each and every step is carefully processed in designing the web diligently. The result is stunning B2B/B2C and mobile-friendly design that captures, retain and delights users.

Our Web Design Services

  • Human Centered UI/UX Design

At Switch2us, we compile user insights and behavior and strive for user’s screen space by taking a creative approach to stand out. Our UI/UX design process and solutions has the ability to solve the user problem. We withstand – ideation, inspiration and execution. In fact, we understand the user behavior to manifest all the above mentioned categories resulting to unconventional UI and UX solutions embraced by users.

  • Responsive Web Design

Our domain expertise stops at nothing but the best to design one-of-a kind, state of the art concepts that balances responsive web design solutions to capture the major scree sizes to help retain a wider audience. The result? Seamless web designs approved by everyone. No wonder why we call ourselves master in web design and development services in India.

  • Custom Web Design

Leveraging our marketing savvy skills to offer cutting-edge strategy, we help you scale your business with customized solutions that defines your audience. In fact, we believe to further the outcome to do qualitative and quantitative approach to uncover user needs. At Switch2us our exceptional web design and development services drives client across different industry verticals.

  • e-Commerce Web Design

As the best e-commerce website design solutions for clients, we at Switch2us tend to inspire users meticulously with our consistent effort and cater to different clients and help achieve their business goals.

  • CMS Web Design

Content Management System offers flexibility to manage the website content without any technical help. In fact, it offers quick modification and better control over content. If you need to create and manage digital content, switch2us is right for you. We assist our clients in selecting the best content management system to adapt to your needs.

Our Design Process

  1. Apply Hick’s Law

According to Hick’s law, the more options user has, the more would be the confusion to make a decision. Being a firm believer of Hick’s law we at Switch2us tend to keep lesser visual design elements in order to curate better user action on your website.

  1. Use Plenty White Space

We craft workmanship by creating enough white space where required. In fact, we believe that king need its own space and we keep the “content” as it is – just like the King.

  1. Rule of Thumb

As a design first company we design responsive websites that’s worth converting. Yes, we are talking about CTA- call to action. We intelligently place CTA to help user take action to pursue your business goals.

  1. Build Neuromarketing

We believe in building the rule of neuromarketing by perfecting the art of accurate  color and contrast on the website to create a positive impact and help users grab the desired actions.

  1. Establish Recognition

Reinforcing a brand face, we help users understand and connect the concept so it better incorporates faces in your pages.

  1. Set the Brand Value

Keeping up with consistency throughout, we make ever lasting impression through brand color and essence, while making sure the user experience memorable.

Web Development

In a technologically advanced world obtaining information, services, and products online has become the most important sector in marketing.

If you want your website to do what it’s meant to, it must be developed with professionalism and attention to detail all the way through. That is, because change is part of every website, and thus you require an experienced and knowledgeable website development company.

Web Development Process

When it comes to playing in the competitive world, your uniqueness is your greatest asset. As the best website development services in India, we walk alongside you in the process of building your website to make sure you outperform your competitors. This is achieved through a variety of personal involvement from our web development team. In fact, we adapt all elements of your website to fit your personal tastes and preferences.

Why Choose Us For Your Web Design & Development Needs?

In-Depth Analysis – We conduct an in-depth analysis of our users requirements. In fact, we’re up to date with the latest design trends and technology, and we combine this together to plans.

One Roof, Many Services – As a one-stop shop we provide our customers with everything they need to make a spectacular website – from development to design.

Result-Oriented Approach – We are driven by result-oriented approach rather than concerns about the process. This helps us keep on target!

Clear & Transparent Communication – We strive to provide excellent digital marketing services to all of our customers for the best value to our clients.